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Pet Fence System - 1

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System, Covers up to 1/2 Acre, for Dogs over 8 lb., Waterproof Receiver with Tone / Static Correction

Pet Fence System - 2

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats, Waterproof, Tone and Static Correction

Pet Fence System - 3

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System - Expandable to Contain 100 Acres and Unlimited Dogs - Easy to Install Underground Wire Dog Containment Kit - Waterproof Collar with Tone/Vibration and Shock

Pet Fence System - 4

Invisible Dog Fence and Dog Training System 2 in 1 Kit YOUTHINK Waterproof & Rechargeable Wireless Dog Fence Adjustable 50-500ft Radius Pet Containment System with Dog Training Collar for All size Dog

Pet Fence System - 5

PetSafe Compatible Heavy Duty Electric Dog Fence Boundary Wire for All Models of Electric Fence for Dogs and Puppies or Cat Inground Pet Fence Systems - 1000' Heavy Duty

Pet Fence System - 6

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System Receiver Collar for Dogs and Cats over 8 lb., Waterproof with Tone and Static Correction

Pet Fence System - 7

PetSafe Boundary Wire, 500 foot Spool of Solid Core 20-Gauge Copper Wire, In-Ground Pet Fence Wire, Colors May Vary

Pet Fence System - 8

Invisible Wireless Pet Fence - Free to Roam Wireless Containment for Dogs - Rechargeable & Waterproof - Vibration & Static Shock Collar - Easy Installation No Need to Dig Trench & Bury Wire (2 Dog)

Pet Fence System - 9

Dr.Tiger 2 Receiver Electric Dog Fence with Rechargeable Shock Collar, Wire In-Ground Invisible Dog or Cat Containment Fence System W1-G4

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Pet Fence System