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14k Whale - 1

Fettero Pendant Necklace Heart Chain 14K White Gold Fill Solid Dolphin Whale Tail Sliver 18"

14k Whale - 2

Gold Dolphin Whale Tail Pendant (14k)

14k Whale - 3

Rembrandt Charms 14K White Gold Orca Whale Tail Charm on a 14K White Gold Box Chain Necklace, 18"

14k Whale - 4

Polished 14k Yellow Gold Whale Tail Dangle Earrings

14k Whale - 5

Mevecco Womens Girls Necklace with 14K White Gold Fill Opal Solid Dolphin Whale Tail Chain Pendant Fashion Jewelry -Mermaid-AB

14k Whale - 6

14k Yellow Gold Whale Tail Charm

14k Whale - 7

14k Yellow Gold Whale Tail Pendant on a 14K Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace, 16"

14k Whale - 8

14k Gold Plated Brass Whale Cubic Zirconia Screwback Baby Girls Earrings with Sterling Silver Post

14k Whale - 9

14k Yellow Gold Whale Tail Pendant Necklace, 18"

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14k Whale